Republicans Need to Read this Letter

A similar letter to Democrats will be forthcoming . . .

Dear Republicans:

I know this missive is a little long, but please read and consider it with an eye single to the best interests of your families, your communities, your states and your nation.

Have you looked around? The world is on fire. Wars rage in Europe and now in the Middle East and the United States finds itself just one missile away from being pulled into either or both. On the Asian front, the cold war with China risks heating up, as China seeks what it considers the right time to bring Taiwan back into the fold.

Speaking of wars, the wars against poverty, drugs and terror have been resounding failures – families struggle every day to pay their bills; widespread drug use and addiction is killing more young people than ever; and our open borders allow for terrorists and drug traffickers to enter our nation at will (USCBP officials have caught hundreds of individuals on the terror watch list entering our nation illegally and 3.8 million people have entered the United States illegally since Biden took office).

And, the national debt has surpassed $33 trillion. Yes, that is a 33 followed by twelve zeros.


With all the trouble both domestically and internationally, what is happening with our elected Republicans in Washington? Infighting, battles, wars between factions, petty disagreements that result in great disputes and near fistfights between representatives.

The Republican Party has traditionally been the party on which we relied for the safeguarding of our constitutionally-protected freedoms and liberties. It has also traditionally been the party on which we depended for protection from those would do us harm.

Now, I am not so sure. I no longer trust that the elected representatives with an “R” behind their name have our best interests at heart. Sometime in the last 25 years, the Republican Party has become the party of all talk and no action. Except for wars. The Republicans plunged the United States into the endless war on terror, with no endgame. Now, many Republicans in Congress seek to continuously fund a new war in Eastern Europe that could possibly have been averted with proper diplomacy (but was not because of our clueless president and powerless State Department).

All that said, I have something to say to Republicans everywhere.

First, to elected Republicans in Washington:

You are so interested in your own glory and self-congratulatory rhetoric, you forget what you were sent to Washington to do. You were elected to represent the people in your districts, to fight against those who would seek to do harm and to protect this great nation, and to curb spending and reduce the size of government. You have done nothing of the sort. You continue fighting with each other, thus allowing the Democrats to look like the party of reason and sanity.

Reminder – there is nothing reasonable or sane about the Democrats in Washington.

You are not representing us. You are not looking out for our nation. You are kowtowing to the Democrats at every turn. You are acting like children in an adult world (and not in the biblical sense).

You need to get up, rise up and stand up. You need to stop fighting with each other and get to work. Get it together and get to work!

Next, to elected Republicans everywhere else:

It is not much different on the state and local levels. Read the above and put it into practice in your respective jurisdictions. Now!

Now, to registered Republican voters throughout the United States:

These clowns are in Washington because you voted for them. The circus has come to town because you keep buying tickets. To be sure, not all Republicans in Washington are problematic, but many are. Not every Republican in Washington is a progressive or a RINO but far too many voters think their congressional representative is not the problem or that their senator is one of the “good ones.”

In reality, if your representative is not fighting tooth and nail for you, but following the direction of their “more experienced” and “seasoned” superiors, they probably do not belong in Washington.

Take a deep dive into your senators and congressional representatives. Do they just talk the talk, or do they also walk the walk? Do they say one thing and do another? Are they sneaking costly and unnecessary provisions into bills? Are they even reading bills they vote on? Are they actively representing you and your families, or are they following the lead of someone else, doing what may satisfy the requirements of the party, but forgetting their proper role as your representatives?

Once you know a little more, take action. How can your elected representative know what you want if you do not voice your opinion? You can call, mail or e-mail, but do it. Your vote does not end at the ballot box – it should continue through the duration of your representative’s term.

Pay attention. Hold your representative accountable.

And finally, to all Republicans and Independents hoping and praying for change in the White House.

Do you really want Donald Trump back in office? Is he the best option for our nation? Setting aside some of his policy and appointment successes, will electing him really serve the best interests of the nation?

If elected, Trump surely will bring with him all the accusations and investigations we saw during his first term, and probably more. If elected, Trump certainly will continue his habit of bullying, name-calling, rude-talking and self-aggrandizing commentary we have seen since his descent down the golden elevator at Trump Tower. If elected, Trump likely may act like a conservative on some occasions but will still compete with Democrats to see who can borrow and spend more money, while acting with ambivalence on social issues.

If Trump is elected, will our nation’s government stagnate like stagnant water for another four years. Think about it seriously. Is this what you want? Sure, Trump may not be guilty of any of the criminal charges lodged against him and he has been the victim of Democrat smears, slams and bogus impeachment charges for nigh on a decade now, but do you really want to live and experience the same chaos for another four years? Is this best for the United States?

To be sure, no one wants to think the Democrats won on the issue of Trump, but consider this – is it sometimes better to retreat, regroup and refocus than to react, respond and relive Trump’s first four years?

And, to be honest, would Trump really even have a chance at winning the election at all? (With today’s announcement that RFK Jr. switched his party registration from Democrat to Independent, that answer is perhaps. Although the same could apply to any GOP candidate.)

What is best for the United States of America? What is best for your family? Think about it. Think about it hard.

If you believe Trump is indeed best, then by all means, vote for him in the primaries. If not, there are a couple other legitimate candidates to consider.

The GOP is on life support, and has been for years. Read this article from 2012 for a perspective on the potential demise of the party. The consistent election of individuals who cannot and will not represent the interests of you and your family must stop. We need to step up and elect true conservatives who are not afraid to fight for what is right. And then, when that representative has been in office long enough, before he or she gets too comfortable, we need to have the courage to elect another.

I know this has been a long letter, but it is written with a full and complete desire to bring sanity and security back to Washington, and to all our elected officials.

Please vote wisely.

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