You Catch More Flies with Honey than with Vinegar!


This is not the way to appeal to the other side! Perhaps a little more honey and little less vinegar is in order in the immigration struggle facing our nation. We’re talking to all sides here.

The debate revolving around our nation’s immigration problems has become so divisive and hateful a workable solution seems impossible. Were you to believe everything coming out of Washington and the media, you would think all illegal or undocumented immigrants are bad and that all U.S. citizens abhor immigrants.

Nothing could further from the truth.

But that’s what we hear out of Washington, a city that functions on dysfunction, thrives on divisiveness and rules with disregard to the rule of law and the will of the governed.  Sadly, the answer to the legal issues surrounding immigration lies in this very place.

So, until our “representatives” in the capital can get it together and actually do some productive work, let’s not allow further division and derision to erode the national debate and engage in a constructive discussion on how to address and fix this national disaster.

There is a fair solution, one that is both just and merciful for all involved.

Let us set aside our profanities, differences, struggles, biases and misunderstandings to work toward a solution to what is indeed real news and a real problem.

Now, put away the vinegar and pass the honey!


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