Wake Up!

In 1819, Washington Irving published his short story, Rip Van Winkle, a tale of a man who wandered into the Catskill Mountains to escape his personal struggles for a time. In the hills, he met and had a drink with a group of dwarfs. The drink must have been quite potent because Rip fell asleep and awoke 20 years later. Upon waking, he found much had changed – his wife had died, his children had grown up and he even was a grandfather. Rip also learned he had slept through the American Revolution, which he knew nothing about.

He woke to a different life and a different nation.

Now, 200 years later, many in the United States are doing the same – escaping reality through their own virtual trek into the mountains. Many indeed are sleeping through revolution and change.

Daily we witness overt attempts by progressive politicians, media and even religious leaders to transition the United States from a democratic republic to a new system more extreme than even the slow-moving progressivism of the past century – coined simply, democratic socialism.

Democratic socialism is a phrase crafted to sound pleasing to the ear, but really is no different from any other socialism, except voters have been conned into accepting and voting for it piece by piece, little by little. (In coming days, we will expound on various themes and topics covered in this article.)

In reality, even progressive policies yield socialist results. Progressive politics lead only to socialist policy.

If you are ignoring what is going on, if you are not teaching your children the blessing bestowed upon us by our constitutional republic and freedoms, if you are not talking about this revolution and its attempts to subvert and steal your rights, if you are not speaking out against improprieties and injustice, you are sleeping through the revolution.

If you are pondering socialist politicians or progressive promises to pursue socialist policies, thinking they don’t sound so bad, you are sleeping through the revolution.

If you even are passing time posting memes and sharing quaint sayings about political thought, you are sleeping through the revolution.

And, just as it appears the craziness of political change couldn’t get worse, we continue to confront two new foes – COVID-19 and the resulting worldwide economic turmoil. If you think progressives and socialists have answers to these afflictions, you are sleeping through the revolution.

Are you sleeping through all of this?

If you continue sleeping, when you wake, if you ever wake, you will find yourself living in a new nation –

Not a nation of free states, but rather, just The State.

Rip Van Winkle woke to find he could not change what had occurred during his slumber, but had to learn to live in his new reality, one he knew nothing about and barely understood.

Presidential candidates campaign and lull voters into a false sense of security by promising them Washington can provide free everything – education, health care, living arrangements, homes, salaries, retirements, etc.

Media portray liberals, progressives and socialists as the only path forward and the only way to be assured of a prosperous future.

News outlets barrage our homes with “fake news” and stories of how anything other than liberal, progressive ideology will lead to the destruction of our free society.

Together they want you to believe they know better what you need and how to raise your family than you do. They don’t think you need rights and liberties to act on your own, but rather seek to tell you what to do and how to act for the betterment of society.

They’re wrong!

The real answer is strong families create strong societies.

Governments do not!

These people creating noise and chaos in your lives are the revolution. They seek to take from you your liberties and freedoms, all while promising they are securing those same liberties and freedoms for future generations.

If you want to see the new nation you’ll live under when you awake from your slumber, look at the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and Venezuela. Closer to home, look at Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Chicago and everyone other Democrat-run major city where riots create chaos and destruction.

That is what progressives promise.

Wake up and take action! Now!

Shake off the ABCs of socialist change – apathy, boredom and complacency.

Apathy: lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern.

Boredom: Feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacking interest in one’s current activity.

Complacency: A feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements.

Wake up. Wake up your children. Teach them the basic principals of freedom and liberty found in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution.

Teach them that the Bill of Rights does not grant rights, but rather guarantees that our God-granted rights are indeed inalienable, and cannot be taken away by any government.

Forget the ABCs of socialist revolution and create your own new ABCs, like these:

Avail yourselves of apathy-killing activities – talk, read, play, worship, study, travel, learn – together.

Break the bonds of boredom – put down your phones, turn off the television, unplug the video game consoles and see “Avail” above.

Create a course of action to conquer complacency – don’t just sit around thinking all is well and that the troubles of the world do not affect you. Wake up and do something more than dream.

Where do you want to live? The Socialist States of America? Or the Socialist United States? Or the United States of America?

Joverity chooses the United States of America.

Wake up and choose the same! Do not allow others to dictate how you and your family live your lives.

Remember, they are not smarter than you, nor do they know better how to raise your family. You can do it.

Wake up and get to work!

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