There will be Football! Mizzou Pres. Resigns

Or, at least it appears so.  Amid howls of racism and discrimination at the University of Missouri, even the football team jumped on the bandwagon.  The majority of Mizzou’s football team went on strike this week, seeking the removal of University president, Tim Wolfe.  The teammembers claimed they would not participate in any football activities until the removal of Mr. Wolfe.  Apparently, the players had the support of their coaches.

Even though the football team has a less-than-stellar, in fact, a losing record, Saturday’s game is big.  It will be played against Brigham Young Univeristy at the neutral site of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.  Mizzou would have owed BYU $1 milliion in case of cancellation of the game.  They also would have lost much more in ticket and advertising revenue.

So, once again, it appears that money rules the day and Tim Wolfe is resigning.  It’s not about what’s right or wrong, but what costs the most money apparently.

Will this be enough to get the players back on the field?  One might actually wonder if they’ve actually been on the field at all this season, but that’s a story for the sports section.

More importantly, will Tim Wolfe’s resignation change anything at the University of Missouri?  Time will tell.

Please return for a more in-depth editorial later today.

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