Will Romney Enter the Ring Again?


Last year, in Salt Lake City, Mitt Romney and Evander Holyfield engaged in a charity boxing match to raise funds for CharityVision, an organization providing vision care and eye surgeries in developing nations.

While Romney’s mitts pounded and pummeled Holyfield, it was just a staged event for a very worthy cause.

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will speak Thursday on "the state of the 2016 presidential race," he said in a press release. File-Former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney talks with CNN's Wolf Blitzer Wednesday, February 5, 2014.

Today, again in Salt Lake City, Mitt Romney will put his gloves on once more.  At 11:30 a.m. ET Romney will address the “state of the 2016 presidential race” and is expected to take some punches at GOP front runner Donald Trump.  

To be clear, it is being reported that today’s speech will not contain any endorsement or surprise announcement, but one cannot wonder if it is a first step toward a return to the political ring for the 2012 GOP nominee.

What will Romney say?  It is expected he will be very hard-hitting and direct in his opposition to Trump, while encouraging support of other GOP candidates.  How will Trump respond?  Certainly with the condescending, loud invective we have become accustomed to hear on the campaign trail.

In fact, the war of words has already begun.  Romney is publicly claiming that Trump is “a phony, a fraud” whose unreleased tax returns may contain a “bombshell” while Trump has returned fire via Twitter, calling Romney a “failed candidate” who should have easily beat Barack Obama.


It sounds as though Romney will pull no punches and is preparing to lead the Republican establishment fight against the man who is shaking the GOP to its core.  This does not appear to be the staged event the Holyfield fight was – this battle may get bloody.

Following Romney’s speech, we will provide a summary and analysis of what to expect.

Stay tuned.  In the meantime, what do you think Romney will say today?


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