Not About Immigration


Last week’s Supreme Court decision was short.

The judgment is affirmed by an equally divided Court.

Calling it a “frustrating and heartbreaking setback,” President Obama continued to make believe the SCOTUS decision was about immigration and not about Executive Branch overreach.

We are not going to analyze the 5th Circuit Court opinion that was upheld last week.  We have done so in the past.  You can read it here if you would like.  In short, the 5th Circuit held (and its holding was upheld by the Supreme Court last week) that Obama acted extra-constitutionally in seeking to grant deferred action and work permits to up to 4 million illegal aliens, which is in addition to the nearly 1 million he had already approved.  He had no authority to change or interpret laws in violation of current law, just because he didn’t like what Congress had or had not done.

Obama says it’s about providing a kind landing spot for poor immigrants who happened to enter the United States illegally.  He says that anyone who opposes his actions is unkind, racist and anti-immigrant.

He is lying to you.  Let’s repeat something – he is lying to you.  

Obama knows well that his actions were illegal and unconstitutional.  He took those actions anyway.  Just as with Obamacare, he sought to get the Supreme Court to make up law allowing him to act in opposition to the Constitution.

Beware folks.  These actions are not unique to Barack Obama.  Hillary Clinton will act the same way.  Donald Trump has said he will do the same – that if Congress doesn’t act, he will.  What is being attempted, and allowed, by both parties is the usurpation of Article I of the Constitution, illegally transferring such Legislative Branch authority to write bills and pass laws to the Executive Branch. It’s not new; it’s been going on for many years.  Obama has just been very overt in his actions, while seeking to sound as though he’s just looking out for all the struggling little guys outside of Washington.  It will be no more right or wrong with the next president, Democrat or Republican.

Do not be fooled by the talking heads and the politicians who say that the Supreme Court has just taken an anti-immigrant stand.  The Supreme Court has upheld constitutional law and authority by reminding the president of the balance of powers.





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