Good Questions?

Good Questions?

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) made headlines Tuesday for bringing a bottle of chocolate milk onto the Senate floor during the impeachment trial. What a rebel! His violation did not last long, as he quickly left the chamber and a page returned with his chocolate milk in a permissible glass.

Chocolate milk is not the only reason Romney finds himself in the news this week. He is one of four Republican senators leaning toward voting to subpoena additional witnesses to testify before the Senate. In defiance of Republican leadership, Romney may side with the Democrats in seeking for new witness testimony.

On Wednesday, Romney released the following questions he submitted to be asked during the question and answer period. What do you think of these questions?

Romney Impeachment Questions

What questions would you like answered? Are there others you think should be asked and answered?

Romney’s fourth question should be modified, and its answer should determine the outcome of the Senate trial.

“Do you have any evidence that anyone was directed by President Trump to tell the Ukrainians that security assistance was being held upon the condition of an investigation into the Bidens?”

Romney Question No. 4, Directed to House Managers

While that question is adequate, it has been asked and answered numerous times and will result in a firm, positive response, either with citation to unsubstantiated commentary about a supposed John Bolton statement in an upcoming book or in a roundabout regurgitation of rhetoric elicited in earlier House testimony, much of which is hearsay and supposition.

Rather, the question should read:

Do you have any evidence that anyone was directed by President Trump to tell the Ukrainians that security assistance was being held upon the condition of an investigation into the Bidens because Mr. Trump feared what a candidate Biden would do to his 2020 campaign?

The House managers are not telling the truth. They are repeating over and over their reason for Trump’s pause on sending aid to Ukraine – that he did solely and only for his personal gain. No such evidence has been presented in any of the House testimony.

Illusory Truth Effect – the tendency to believe a falsity to be true after repeated exposure to that falsity.

This is precisely what the House managers in the Trump impeachment trial are seeking to do. Repeat, repeat, repeat unsubstantiated lies so they will be seen eventually as truth. They likely will not prevail at trial, but certainly any Democrat candidate for president will repeat those same lies throughout the campaign.

Come September, October and November, so many voters will have heard the House lies so often, they may just believe that Trump placed a hold on funds to Ukraine SOLELY and EXCLUSIVELY for his own personal benefit in the 2020 election.

Therein lies the lie. There has been no testimony whatsoever that Trump withheld aid solely and exclusively for his own personal benefit. Just the managers’ lies that such is the case. They are focusing on a fiction, rather than seeking real facts.

What do you think?

Hey Congress, I Want You to Get Busy

Hey Congress, I Want You to Get Busy


The war drums have stopped; the rifles have dropped.

This morning, President Trump announced a de-escalation of tensions in Iran and Iraq. Thank God for this. No one wants war. We hope and pray tensions will continue to ease and differences will find peaceful resolution.

Those who claimed President Trump was seeking war as a diversion from the articles of impeachment approved by the House of Representatives appear to have been mistaken on two fronts. First, Trump avoided war and has sought to reduce the recent tensions in the Middle East. Second, and perhaps more relevant to this claim, Nancy Pelosi has so far refused to transmit any formal notification of impeachment to the Senate.

President Trump appears to not fear a Senate trial and in fact has stated he wants to get on with the proceeding.

Speaker Pelosi, we implore you, for the sake of our republic, to move this process along.

Many believe the House process was flawed, improper and even illegal. Others believe it was more than appropriate and uncovered seriously dangerous and illegal behavior by President Trump.

Regardless what everyone believes, the House passed the articles of impeachment in very short order based on claims by Reps. Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler that the nation’s very existence was at stake. If our nations future is at risk, this process should not be delayed or held up for solely political reasons.

The United States Constitution empowers the House with the sole authority to conduct impeachment hearings. The House, whether appropriate or not, did its job. Now, it is time to continue the process in the Senate.

The House did its job. Its sole job.

The Constitution empowers the Senate with the sole authority to try a person who has been impeached.

Let the Senate do its job. Its sole job.

The impeachment process is stuck between chambers because the House refuses to relinquish power over the impeachment process and seeks to usurp the Senate’s constitutional authority by dictating terms and conditions related to the Senate trial before transmitting the requisite documents for the Senate to conduct its trial.

In other words, the House leadership is demanding a quid pro quo, just like they have accused President Trump of doing. Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler are withholding a vital public benefit from the Senate in exchange for a public pronouncement that the Senate will do what they demand.

Hmmmm. Just what they impeached the president for.

Perhaps we should impeach all members of the House.

Or, House, let’s just get to work. Do your job! Send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Your actions are adversely affecting our nation. Your political ploys are nothing but games. You are playing games with the nation, to the detriment of our standing in the world and your own standing in the nation.

Get to work! Do your job. Let’s move on and forward.

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